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  • As sideman:

    Pepper Adams
      -Motor City Scene (Bethlehem, 2007)
      -Conjuration: Fat Tuesday's Session (Reservoir, 1994)
    Cannonball Adderly, In San Francisco with Louis Hayes
    Cannonball Adderley
      -In San Francisco (Riverside, 1959)
      -Nancy Wilson / Cannonball Adderley (Capitol, 1961)
      -Nippon Soul (Riverside, 1963)
      -Jazz Workshop (Riverside, 1959)
      -The Sextet (Milestone, 1963)
      -Jazz Workshop Revisited (Riverside, 1962)
      -Them Dirty Blues (Landmark)
      -Quintet Plus (Riverside)
      -And the Poll Winners (Landmark)
      -Quintet At The Lighthouse (Landmark)
      -Live (Lugano, 1963)
      -Paris, 1960 (Pablo)
      -The Cannonball Adderley Sextet in New York (Riverside, 1964)
      -Phoenix (Fantasy, 1975)

    Nat Adderley
      -Work Song (Riverside, 1960)
      -Naturally! (Jazzland, 1961)

    Gene Ammons
      -Goodbye (Prestige, 1974)

    Donald Brown
      -Send One Your Love (Muse, 1994)
    Kenny Burrell, K. B. Blues with Louis Hayes
    Kenny Burrell
      -K. B. Blues (Blue Note, 1957)
      -Bluesin' Around (Columbia, 1961)
    Sonny Clark, Dial S for Sonny with Louis Hayes
    Sonny Clark
      -Dial S for Sonny (Blue Note 1957)

    James Clay
      -A Double Dose of Soul (Riverside, 1960)
      -True Blue (Xanadu Records, 1976)
      -Silver Blue (Xanadu Records, 1976)
    John Coltrane, Lush Life with Louis Hayes
    John Coltrane
      -Lush Life (Prestige, 1958)
      -The Last Trane (Prestige, 1958)
      -Coltrane Time (Blue Note, 1958)
      -The Believer (Prestige, 1963)
      -The Complete Savoy (Savoy, 1999)
    Kenny Drew, Undercurrent with Louis Hayes
    Kenny Drew
      -Undercurrent (Blue Note, 1960)

    Tommy Flanagan
      -It's Magic (Savoy, 1957)
      -The Cats (Prestige, 1994)

    Curtis Fuller
      -New Trombone (Prestige, 1957)
      -Curtis Fuller with Red Garland (New Jazz, 1957)
      -Jazz ...It's Magic! (Regent, 1957)
      -Curtis Fuller Volume 3 (Blue Note, 1957)
    Terry Gibbs, Take it From Me with Louis Hayes
    Terry Gibbs
      -Take It from Me (Impulse!, 1964)
      -With Bennie Green
      -Back on the Scene (Blue Note, 1958)

    Dexter Gordon
      -Homecoming (Columbia, 1977)
      -True Blue (Xanadu, 1994)
    Grant Green, Born To Be Blue with Louis Hayes
    Grant Green
      -Gooden's Corner (Blue Note, 1961)
      -Born To Be Blue (Blue Note, 1962)

    Barry Harris
      -Barry Harris at the Jazz Workshop (Riverside, 1960)

    Tubby Hayes
      -Tubby's Back in Town (Smash, 1999)

    Dave Hazeltine
      -A World For Her (Criss Cross, 1999)
      -The Classic Trio (Sharp Nine, 2001)
      -Trio Meets (Sharp Nine, 2002)
    Joe Henderson, The Kicker with Louis Hayes
    Joe Henderson
      -The Kicker (Milestone, 1967)
      -Tetragon (Milestone, 1968)

    Johnny Hodges
      -Wild Bill Davis Project
    John Lee Hooker, That's My Story with Louis Hayes
    John Lee Hooker
      -That's My Story (Riverside, 1960)
    Freddie Hubbard, The Body & the Soul with Louis Hayes
    Freddie Hubbard
      -The Body & the Soul (Impulse, 1963)
      -High Blues Pressure (Atlantic, 1967)
      -Without A Song, Live In Europe (Blue Note, 1969)
      -Above and Beyond (Metropolitan, 1999)

    Javon Jackson
      -Burnin' (Criss Cross, 1998)

    Eddie Jefferson
      -There I Go Again (Prestige)

    JJ Johnson
      -The Trombone Master (Columbia)

    Sam Jones
      -The Soul Society (Riverside, 1960)
      -The Chant (Riverside, 1961)
    Clifford Jordan, Cliff Craft with Louis Hayes
    Clifford Jordan
      -Cliff Craft (Blue Note, 1957)

    Harold Land
      -West Coast Blues (Jazzland, OJC)
    Yusef Lateef, Before Dawn with Louis Hayes
    Yusef Lateef
      -Jazz for the Thinker (Savoy, 1957)
      -Jazz Mood (Savoy, 1957)
      -Before Dawn: The Music of Yusef Lateef (Verve, 1957)

    Brian Lynch
      -Keep Your Circle Small (Sharp Nine, 1996)

    Johnny Lytle
      -Nice and Easy (Jazzland, 1962)

    Ken McIntyre
      -Year Of The Iron Sheep (United Artists Jazz, 1962)
    Jackie McLean, Makin' The Changes with Louis Hayes
    Jackie McLean
      -A Long Drink Of The Blues (OJC CD, 1994)
      -Makin' The Changes (OJC CD, 2007)

    Wes Montgomery
      -The Complete Riverside Recordings (Riverside, 1994)

    Frank Morgan
      -Major Changes (Contemporary)

    Lee Morgan
      -Take Twelve (Jazzland, OJC CD)

    Phineas Newborn
      -A World Of Piano (Contemporary, OJC)
      -The Great Jazz Piano (Contemporary, OJC)

    David "Fat Head" Newman
      -Lone Star Legend (32 JAZZ, 1997)
    Oscar Peterson, History Of An Artist with Louis Hayes
    Oscar Peterson
      -History Of An Artist (Pablo)

    Freddie Redd
      -Shades of Redd (Blue Note, 1960)

    Ravi Shankar
      -Improvisations & Theme from Pather Panchali (World Pacific, 1962)
    Horace Silver, 6 Pieces of Silver with Louis Hayes
    Horace Silver
      -6 Pieces of Silver (Blue Note, 1956)
      -The Stylings of Silver (Blue Note, 1957)
      -Further Exploration (Blue Note, 1958)
      -Finger Poppin' (Blue Note, 1958)
      -Live at Newport '58 (Blue Note, 1958
      -Blowin' the Blues Away (Blue Note, 1959)
      -The Trio Sides (Blue Note)
      -A Prescription for the Blues (Impulse, 1997)

    Les Spann
      -Gemini (Jazzland OJC, 2001)

    James Spaulding
      -Songs of Courage (Muse)
      -Blues Nexus (Muse, 1994)

    Sonny Stitt
      -12! (Muse, 1972)

    McCoy Tyner
      -Uptown/Downtown (Milestone, 1988)
      -Bon Voyage (Timeless)

    Cedar Walton
      -Naima, Live at Boomers (32 JAZZ, 1998)

    Phil Woods
      -Four Altos (Prestige, 1957)
    Young Lions with Louis Hayes
    The Young Lions
      -The Young Lions (Vee-Jay, 1960)

    Jazz Drummer     


    As leader

    Louis Hayes - Serenade for Horace
    Buy: Amazon | iTunes | Spotify

    Serenade for Horace

    1. Ecaroh
    2. Señor Blues
    3. Song for My Father [feat. Gregory Porter]
    4. Hastings Street
    5. Strollin'
    6. Juicy Lucy
    7. Silver's Serenade
    8. Lonely Woman
    9. Summer In Central Park
    10. St. Vitus Dance
    11. Room 608
    Released 2017
    Blue Note Records

    Louis Hayes - Live at Cory Weeds' Cellar Jazz Club

    Buy: Amazon | iTunes

    Live at Cory Weeds' Cellar Jazz Club

    1. Exodus
    2. Chant
    3. Arriving Soon
    4. Dat Dere
    5. Lisa
    6. Naturally
    7. Easy To Love
    8. Sack Of Woe
    Released 2014

    Louis Hayes - Return of the Jazz Communicators
    "It's to You"

    Buy: Amazon | iTunes

    Return of the Jazz Communicators

    1. Soul-Leo
    2. Shape Shifting
    3. Lush Life
    4. Groovin' for Nat
    5. It's to You
    6. Without a Song
    7. Simple Pleasures
    8. Vagabond Ron
    9. Portrait of Jennie
    10. Lou's Idea
    11. Village Greene
    Released 2014

    Louis Hayes - Lou's Idea
    "Lou's Idea"

    Buy: Amazon | iTunes

    Lou's Idea

    1. Lou's Idea
    2. Curtain Call
    3. Nothing Better to Do
    4. Say a Little Prayer
    5. Bolivia
    6. Soul Eyes
    7. This Is New
    8. Just Feeling
    9. Same Page
    10. I Have Nothing Better to Do (Extended Version)
    Released 2010

    Louis Hayes - The Time Keeper
    "Alani's World"

    Buy: Amazon | iTunes

    Time Keeper

    1. Check In
    2. Alani's World
    3. Peace
    4. The Preacher
    5. It's to You
    6. Save Yourself
    7. Abellino
    8. Double Rainbow
    9. Angel Eyes
    Released 2009

    Louis Hayes - Maximum Firepower

    Buy: Amazon

    Maximum Firepower

    1. Jessica's Birthday
    2. This Here
    3. Lisa
    4. Little Boy With The Sad Eyes
    5. The Two Of Them (Dedicated To Cannonball And Nat)
    6. Sweet Georgia Bright
    7. New Delhi
    8. Sack O' Woe
    9. Autumn Leaves
    10. Unit 7
    Released 2006

    Louis Hayes - Dreamin of Cannonball
    "What Is This Thing Called Love?"

    Buy: Amazon | iTunes

    Dreamin' of Cannonball

    1. What Is This Thing Called Love?
    2. The Chant
    3. Dat Dere
    4. I Can't Get Started
    5. Work Song
    6. Naturally
    7. Fiddler On The Roof
    8. The Jive Samba
    9. Scotch And Water
    10. Del Sasser
    Released 2002

    Louis Hayes - The Candy Man

    Buy: Amazon | iTunes

    The Candy Man

    1. Pentagon
    2. Pyramid
    3. The Candy Man
    4. Thespian
    5. Ill Wind
    6. Round And About
    7. Raggedy Ann
    8. The Miracle
    9. Second's Best
    10. Safari
    Released 2001

    Louis Hayes - Quintessential Lou
    "Progress Report"

    Buy: Amazon | iTunes

    Quintessential Lou

    1. Progress Report
    2. Clarence's Place
    3. Mystified
    4. Tenderly
    5. Decision
    6. Lions Den
    7. Alter Ego
    8. That's The Thing
    9. Our Quiet Place
    10. Interlude
    Released 2000

    Louis Hayes - Super Quartet
    "The Song Is You"

    Buy: Amazon | iTunes

    The Super Quartet

    1. Bolivia
    2. The Song Is You
    3. Up Jumped Spring
    4. In Your Own Sweet Way
    5. Chelsea Bridge
    6. Epistrophy
    7. Blue Lou
    8. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum
    Released 2000

    Louis Hayes - Louis At Large
    Buy: Amazon

    Louis At Large

    1. Check In
    2. Rio
    3. Hen And Hub
    4. My Ship
    5. Teef
    6. Dear Lou
    7. Dream Surreal
    8. My Old Flame
    9. Perambulation
    Released 1996

    Louis Hayes - Light and Lively
    Buy: Amazon | iTunes

    Light and Lively

    1. Light and Lively
    2. If You Could See Me Now
    3. Enchantment
    4. The 10th Dimension
    5. For the Love of What
    6. Darian
    7. Blues for Macao
    Released 1994

    Louis Hayes - Nightfall
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    1. Route 88 East
    2. Sun Showers
    3. Nightfall
    4. Marie Antoinette
    5. There's Something About You I Don't Know
    6. Andre
    7. I Waited For You
    8. The Spoiler
    Released 1994

    Louis Hayes - Blue Lou
    Buy: Amazon | iTunes

    Blue Lou

    1. Blue Lou
    2. Quiet Fire
    3. Honey Dip
    4. Lament for Love
    5. The Walk
    6. Sweet and Lovely
    7. New Endings
    8. Spur of the Moment
    Released 1994

    Louis Hayes - Una Max
    Buy: Amazon | iTunes

    Una Max

    1. El Cid
    2. Ibis
    3. You Don't Know What Love Is
    4. Geri
    5. Una Max
    6. Saudade
    7. Ruthie's Heart
    Released 1989

    Louis Hayes - The Crawl
    Buy: Amazon | iTunes

    The Crawl

    1. Escape Velocity
    2. Crawl
    3. Yesterdays
    4. Run Before the Sun
    5. Autumn In New York
    6. Blues In Five Dimensions
    7. Bushman Song
    Released 1989

    Louis Hayes - Variety Is The Spice
    Buy: Amazon

    Variety Is The Spice

    1. Kelly Colors
    2. Little Sunflower
    3. Stardust
    4. Whats Goin On
    5. Invitation
    6. Nisha
    7. My Favorite Things
    8. Dance With Me
    9. A Hundred Million Miracles
    Released 1979

    Louis Hayes - The Real Thing
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    Louis Hayes - Woody Shaw Quintet, Lausanne 1977 / Swiss Radio Days, Jazz Series Vol.5

    1. In Case You Haven't Heard
    2. Moontrane
    3. Contemplation
    4. Jean-Marie
    5. Bilad As Sudan
    Released 1977

    Louis Hayes - The Real Thing
    "Jack's Tune"

    Buy: Amazon | iTunes

    The Real Thing

    1. St. Peter's Walk
    2. Nisha
    3. Loose Suite
    4. My Gift To You
    5. Jack's Tune
    6. Marilyn's House
    Released 1977, Muse Records

    Louis Hayes - Ichi-Ban
    "Brothers and Sisters"

    Buy: Amazon | iTunes


    1. Ichi Ban (Number One)
    2. Pannonica
    3. Brothers and Sisters
    4. The Moontrane
    5. Book's Bossa
    Released 1976, Timeless Muse

    Louis Hayes - Breath of Life

    Buy: Amazon | iTunes

    Breath of Life

    1. Brothers And Sisters
    2. Breath Of Life
    3. Olea
    4. Purely Unintentional
    5. Bongolo
    6. Kong's Dance
    Released 1974

    Louis Hayes - Vee Jay
    "Rip De Boom"

    Louis Hayes Quintet

    1. Hazing
    2. Rip De Boom
    3. Teef
    4. I Need You
    5. Back Yard
    6. Sassy Ann
    Released 1960, Vee Jay